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My name is Karleen and my passion is dogs.

I have been a dog groomer for more years than I can remember and  had my own mobile dog grooming business for 15 years.

Before becoming a dog groomer I spent several years working on dairy and horse farms until my body told me it was time to do something else.  I tried other lines of work that didn’t relate to animals, but nothing ever satisfied me.

Then one day as I was looking through the classified ads in a local newspaper, I noticed that there were several ads wanting dog groomers.  I thought “I can do that”.  So I sought out a dog grooming school, took the course and the rest is history.

But that most certainly is not the extent of my involvement with dogs.

They fascinate me, console me, make me smile, frustrate me, encourage me, and I just plain love them.

I currently live with a wonderful black lab/pitbull mix named Maia.

I have been involved with several rescue groups over the years and have fostered and adopted many dogs.

I wish I could be involved in every aspect of companion dogs, such as hearing and seeing eye dogs, search and rescue dogs, companion dogs for the disabled, and so much more, but obviously I can’t.

There just isn’t enough time in one’s life to get involved in everything dog related.

That’s why I decided to start this blog, so that I could in a way be involved in every aspect of dog-hood.  I know that’s probably not a word, but it seems to fit.

I’m hoping to cover everything related to dogs in this one place.  It’s a huge undertaking and it will go on for years, God willing, but the ride will be fun.

My hope is that you, as a reader, will get involved and share stories of the dogs in your life, present or past.

I’m also hoping that some of the information I will provide here will help those of you seeking advice on training tips, health issues (I will not be diagnosing but merely offering suggestions that have helped my dogs), nutrition, behavior issues, grooming advice, games to play with your dog, and much much more.

I will never know all there is to know about dogs, but I will share what I have learned so far.  I will also share other relevant sites I have found that offer wonderful training tips, etc.

Thanks for joining me on this wonderful journey into the lives of dogs.


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