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Awesome Halloween Costumes for Dogs

halloween costumes small dogsAwesome Halloween Costumes For DogsOkay, I know, some people think dressing our dogs up in costumes is silly, degrading and maybe even a little cruel. But you gotta admit – they’re also pretty cute! And some are downright funny!


Take this cowboy riding a horse….bull….okay, it’s just a corgi.  But it’s so cute!

In a hurry to get the rodeo dog costume?  Buy it Here

When the dog starts running and spinning around, the cowboy goes with him, flinging his hat around! The dummy cowboy moves like a real one would if it were riding a bucking bronc or bull!  How cute is that!?

Watch the video below for the full effect.

If you’d like to get one of these great outfits for your own dog, you can find it at Amazon by clicking the image below.

 Crazystone’s Pet COWBOY Funny Costume Apparel with 1 Hat (Medium)


Halloween Costumes for Extra Large Dogs

Here is a popular “wig” for larger dogs. It’s a full lion’s mane that comes in just one size but fits necks from 13″ to 32″, depending on which one you choose. I have to admit it sure looks realistic on dogs that are the same color as the mane!

Lion Mane Costume and Big Dog Lion Mane Wig - Large Dog Costumes by Pet KreweLion Mane Costume and Big Dog Lion Mane Wig – Large Dog Costumes by Pet KreweGimilife Dog Costume Lion Mane Wig(Light Brown)Gimilife Dog Costume Lion Mane Wig(Light Brown)


Below is a video showing how the mane wig looks on a few different breeds. It definitely looks better on some than on others.

It looks great on a mastiff because they have the body that looks similar to a real lion. Be sure to measure the neck, though, before you purchase one for your mastiff. Some necks might be too big!

It also looks great on yellow labs and golden retrievers.
Zack & Zoey Fuzzy Tarantula Costume for Dogs, 20Zack & Zoey Fuzzy Tarantula Costume for Dogs, 20

Spider Halloween Costumes For Dogs

One of the scariest and funniest costumes for dogs of all sizes is the tarantula costume.

There’s a video below that millions of people have watched on YouTube, so you might have already seen it, but even so, it’s fun to watch again.

The one I love is the guy on the floor of the elevator with the “giant tarantula” on top of him when the doors open for the two women.

I have to admit that might be a little scary!



Cute Halloween Costumes For Small Dogs

halloween costumes for small dogsAnd of course we mustn’t forget the tiny dogs – the yorkies, toy poodles, chihuahuas.  There are some very cute costumes for them as well.

If you think your little dog would come to your rescue at the slightest hint of danger, you might want to get him the Alfie Pet Superhero Superman costume (below).

And if your little princess thinks she is the queen of the household and everyone should cater to her every need, the Queen of Hearts costume might be perfect!  (below)

Then again, if you imagine your little poodle as having a high pitched voice if she could talk, how about the Minnie Mouse costume below?

And of course for those looking for pirate Halloween costumes for dogs, the Pirates of the Caribbean costume is great for those adventurous little dogs that like to steal everybody else’s food, toys, bones, whatever.  (see below)


 NACOCO Pet Dog Costume Pirates of the Caribbean Style (Small) Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture – Superhero Superman – Size: S Anit Accessories 12-Inch Royal Queen of Hearts Costume, Small NACOCO Pet Clothes Pet Costume Minnie Costumes (Small)kt



There really are a lot of awesome Halloween costumes for dogs on Amazon.  If you don’t see one on this page that would fit your dog’s personality, just Click Through This Link over to Amazon and find the perfect costume for your dog (and maybe one for you too).

And the cool thing about dog costumes is that your dog probably won’t outgrow it by next year (like your kids might)!