How To Choose the Right Dog Bed

best dog beds large dogsLike people, dogs love to have a soft cushiony place to curl up and take a little nap.

If you’d like to get right to the information on how to choose the right dog bed, just scroll down the page a little.

I know a lot of us, including myself, allow our dogs to sleep on our beds.  That’s not always the best idea, but for a single person it’s very comforting for both dog and human to curl up together on a cold wintry night.

chihuahua in very small dog bed

However, sometimes it’s just not practical.

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When Shouldn’t Your Dog Sleep With You?

If your dog is older and there’s a possibility she might fall off the bed, it’s not a good idea to allow her to spend the night up that high.

Maybe you have a large dog and there just isn’t room for all of you on the needing its own beddog needing its own bed

Another type of situation where a dog shouldn’t be allowed to sleep with its human is if the dog is an alpha and is trying to establish dominance over you and other family members.

A dog that growls when you try to move him over or off the bed should not be allowed to sleep up there. That’s your space, and you make the rules where you’re going to sleep.  If your dog doesn’t abide by your rules, he needs his own bed.

Where Should You Put a Dog Bed?

Your dog likes to be where you are.  It might be a good idea to have her own bed in the living room or office or wherever you spend most of your time during the day.

That way she can be comfortable and keep her eyes on you as you get things done around the house.

At night you may or may not want your dog in the bedroom with you.

What Type of Dog Bed Should You Choose?

The type of dog bed you decide to get for your dog should depend on these things:

What size is your dog?

puppy beds small dogsSmall dogs are pretty easy to shop for but sometimes a medium sized dog needs a larger bed than you would think. It’s best to measure the length of your dog to be sure you get one large enough.

How Old?

As dogs age, their joints get stiff and sore just like ours do.  A thick orthopedic dog bed is great for supporting dogs in their senior years.

Do you want an indoor or outdoor bed?

Some beds are made for inside, and some are made more endurable to being out in the weather, such as in a dog house or on a patio.

What type of material and thickness do you want?

Some dog beds are filled with cedar shavings.  They give off a nice aroma plus help keep fleas away.

Then there are the memory foam dog beds that are made of thick memory foam to mold to your dog’s shape and provide a nice soft cushion.

The cheaper varieties tend to be filled with polyester and might not last as long as a more expensive one, but some of them can be thrown in the wash.

How Easy Will it Be To Clean?

You might want to read the label before purchasing a bed to see if you can wash it periodically.  Some beds can be thrown whole into the washing machine.

Others need to have the outer fabric removed via a zipper and then that part can be washed.

Some are made of a canvas material that you can just wash off with a sponge or even a hose.

Do You Want a Raised Bed?

If you want a nice place for your dog to relax outside, an elevated dog cot works very well.  Most of them areelevated dog bed made of breathable nylon canvas, so air flows through and also makes them easy to rinse off.

This gets your dog up off the damp ground to keep them cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

You can always add a nice soft throw or padding on top of the cot to give your dog even more cushiony comfort.

Price range

You can find a basic polyester-filled dog bed for around $20.

But if you want something more extravagant for your four-legged friend, such as an actual dog couch, you can pay anywhere from $100 to $175. dog couchdog couch

Orthopedic beds average between $60 and $90.

An elevated dog bed usually runs between $40 and $60.

So, once you’ve decided on which type of dog bed you’d like to get, you can run down to your nearest pet shop or farm and ranch store to find one, or just head over to and check out the many sizes, shapes and styles of dog beds they have.

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